Novena to Saint Scholastica

Please join us in praying the following prayer every Friday leading up to the Abbey Youth Festival beginning on January 15th.

Saint Scholastica was the twin sister of Saint Benedict – the father of Western Monasticism.  Saint Gregory relates a story about Scholastica and Benedict.  While visiting his sister, Benedict determined that it was time for him to leave and be on his way.  Scholastica was disappointed and sorry to lose her brother’s company and conversation so soon.  So she prayed and asked the Lord for a way to keep her brother with her a little longer.  Subsequently a violent storm with heavy rain came and prevented his departure.  Benedict stayed the entire night speaking of heavenly things with his devoted twin.  On the day of Scholastica’s death, Benedict saw a pure white dove ascending to heaven. 

Pray with us to Saint Scholastica to keep the rains and severe weather away from the Abbey Youth Festival.  She whose faith could bring the rains, can surely keep them away too!



O God, You caused the soul of Your blessed virgin Scholastica to enter heaven in the form of a dove, to show us the way of innocence. Grant us, by her prayers and merits, to live in such innocence, that we may deserve to attain eternal joys.  Through Christ our Lord.  Amen.


Saint Scholastica prayed in love and confidence. Because of her love, her prayer was heard and answered. Through her intercession, let us now pray:

V. By the example and intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, keep us faithful to your word.

R. Hear us, O Lord.


V. By the example and intercession of St Scholastica, keep us rooted in your love

R. Hear us, O Lord.


V. By the example and intercession of all the holy virgins, keep us firm in prayer and charity.

R. Hear us, O Lord.

(Now mention your own intentions.)

Saint Scholastica, please intercede for us before the Father for perfect weather for the Abbey Youth Festival this year.  Grant us sunny skies and pleasant temperatures throughout the day.  Pray that we may draw ever closer to Him and to His Church.  Thank you, Saint Scholastica for your patronage and intercession. 


Our Father…

Let us pray:

Lord our God, you robed the virgin St Scholastica with the beauty and splendor of love. Help us to walk blamelessly before you so that in the company of virgins we may praise your name for ever, and find our delight in you, through Christ our Lord. Amen.