Life is short, and moments are precious. ARISE!

"Why am I doing this?"

You’d think that with all the suffering and diseased people who St. Mother Theresa cared for, would look tired and worn down. I just googled a few images of her though, and all I saw was energy, alertness, even an unmistakable joy. I’m left speechless. How did she do it?

How'd I Get Here? My Journey to Seminary

Being a Christian is not easy, but when we see the heroes that have come before us and what the Holy Spirit is capable of within us, we can start to do things we thought were never possible.

What Is a Culture of Life Anyway?

“What is a culture of life anyway?” I thought I knew, but as the trip went on and as the march crept closer I realized that what I thought a “culture of life” was and what we were praying for were two different things.

Today Is the Last Day of Your Life

It is an unwritten law of life that we appreciate things more when we are in danger of losing them. I think Ben Rector’s song “Like The World Is Going to End”  reflects this reality.

Faith, Science, and Wonder

"Faith and Science have no quarrel, but Faith and Scientism do...It is not a matter of knowing less or more, but of remembering why you seek to learn in the first place."